Simple email campaign services are great at first. But when you’re ready to get serious we’ll show you why InfusionSoft is better than MailChimp.



As a business owner looking to boost their marketing strategy and business branding to the next level, email marketing is something to truly master. When you first take the plunge into email marketing, it can be easy to choose a simple program just to get the ball rolling.

Is it truly worth it? You have done your research and find that MailChimp is simple, quick and within your budget. There is better. Even if you don’t know the first thing about email marketing, there are products that are better than MailChimp.

If you are ready to get serious, then listen up. It is time to trade in your base model email marketing software for the luxury model you have always wanted, InfusionSoft.

Here are five reasons why InfusionSoft is better than MailChimp.

1. InfusionSoft Isn’t Just Email Marketing

First off, you know as a business owner there are hundreds of things to juggle. From your CRM system to your to-do list, it is impossible to tackle it all at once.

With MailChimp that is!

InfusionSoft is not just email marketing. Instead, this software places many of your business operations into one, smooth program for ease of use.

It is critical that your marketing strategy works together for it to produce results. The only way to do this and avoid system meltdown is to use a software that gives you the option to manage many different applications at once.

From tracking your leads, to operating and completing complex tasks in the background, InfusionSoft does the hard work so you can get back to the fun work.

2) With InfusionSoft, You Are Not Limited to “Lists”

In MailChimp, it can be troubling to send your monthly newsletter out to all of your customers. Why? There are separate lists depending on how each customer became a part of your email list.

Did your customer purchase from PayPal? They are added to a separate list. Did the same customer purchase a webinar from you? If they did, they could potentially be placed on another list such as a “webinar purchased” list. What happens next? Your customer receives the same newsletter – twice.

Not only is this a bit unprofessional, but sifting through your MailChimp lists is time-consuming and costly if outsourced. With InfusionSoft, each customer is on the same list. This means that there are no duplicates and customers can be found easily. Want to send a quick email out to thank those who came to your latest webinar? You can do that.

Not only do you not have “fake” and duplicate subscribers anymore, but you have the ability to fully customize the customer email experience.

3) InfusionSoft Allows for Full Customization

Speaking of fully customized customer experience, InfusionSoft allows you to change and edit your emails to fit your customer’s personal needs.

For example, you may wish to send an email out to those who more often purchase a certain type of product from you. This may be a promotional email regarding the product or an upcoming event. You can tailor these emails to fit this certain group of customers, instead of sending it to the entire list.

You are in full control of your customer’s data, their purchase history, and their personal needs. InfusionSoft is better than MailChimp in that your customers will receive customized emails each time, and it doesn’t take light years to perform the strategy. All of this customization creates an even stronger brand strategy than you could ever have with MailChimp.

4) You Can Track Referrals and Sales All in One Place

One of the best benefits found within InfusionSoft is the ability to track your referrals as well as your sales in one single program. As stated before, InfusionSoft is great for all aspects of your business, not just email marketing.

InfusionSoft comes loaded with referral tracking capabilities within its API. This means that referrals can be tracked automatically based on clicks, opt-ins, and purchases. The work is done automatically so that you don’t have to compile all of the information yourself.

InfusionSoft also tracks your sales, but not just each sale you bring in. Instead, this software tracks the entire sales process and even forecasts future sales for your business. The entire sales process is automated for you from the first interaction to the sales pipeline and back to the follow-up.

When your customer purchases, InfusionSoft will keep that information and turn it into more than just a statistic. Your data is used to create sales strategies that are easy to implement and great for your revenue.

MailChimp falls short when it comes to tracking data, especially with referrals and sales within one platform. InfusionSoft is better than MailChimp in this aspect.

5) Extreme Time-Saving Ability

With MailChimp, you are using a new platform for the sake of your email marketing campaigns. Add this to all of the other platforms you have to use and you have a recipe for data disaster.

With InfusionSoft, you are able to save an extreme amount of time by allowing the platform to run its process in the background while you work on the more important aspects of your business.

InfusionSoft automates and manages your sales process, your social media presence and all of your sales campaigns quickly and efficiently. However, you are allowed to make changes as you go, customize the customer experience and customize the way InfusionSoft works for you.

The time you will save can be used to build customer relationships and an even stronger marketing strategy. You are free to focus on your brand building, instead of data entry and list building.

The Take-Away

InfusionSoft is a software that is simply better than MailChimp and more advanced without the learning curve. It is a platform that delivers a complete business platform that combines your CRM with your sales processes and data collection.

If you are looking to become serious in your marketing efforts while remaining business savvy, InfusionSoft is the software for you. Beyond the email, there is the complete marketing strategy left. Give yourself the gift of a platform that works for you, not against you.


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