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How Much Money Could You Make from
a LinkedIn Marketing Service?

LinkedIn is the most powerful social media tool for businesses. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is simply the best place to find highly target prospects for any business. The one B2B service most clients want but don’t understand how to leverage is LinkedIn Marketing.

If you can consistently provide qualified leads to your clients through LinkedIn, you can write your own check.

But, even though this service is in high demand, few agencies and resellers understand how to offer this service.

We are giving you the chance to benefit from all of this pent-up demand—without having to invest anything. We already have a proven system. All you have to do is offer our service and support to your clients, as part of our White Label Reseller program.

Schedule a discovery call with us today to learn how to become an Reseller Partner so you can start offering our “Done for You” LinkedIn lead generation service to your clients.

Real Business Leads

For Your Clients

How Our White Label LinkedIn Marketing System Works

Our “Done for You” LinkedIn Marketing service is the best business model possible for resellers and agencies. We take care of all the support and our team does all the work. You simply market the service to your existing clients and use it to attract new clients.

Our partners enjoy:

  • Ability to offer high-demand service few agencies can provide
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Huge growth potential
  • Easy on-boarding process with a dedicated Success Manager
  • World-class support from our U.S. based support team
  • Minimal effort with client on your end once campaign is up and running
  • Chance to be a hero to your clients by creating real businesses opportunities for them


Our 5-Step Client Process

We make you look amazing to your clients. Our service delivers 3-5 Hot Leads each week. Our system is always working to find the perfect connections to your clients.

We follow a proven 5-step process:


  1. Complete LinkedIn Profile Makeover

We make sure your client is putting their best face forward. After our makeover, your client will be more attractive to their customers and more likely to convert connection invitations into connections.

Our makeover includes:

  • Custom banner
  • Summary rewrite
  • Professional headshot (provided by your client)
  • Optimized presentation of qualifications
  • And Much More


  1. Extensive Research to Find Perfect Target Market

We take the time to identify what the ideal customer for your client would look like. Through our discovery process, market research, and reviewing what your client’s competitor are doing, we create an avatar that we use to identify prospects your client should connect with.

We aren’t interested in creating a bunch of random connections. We make sure that every connection is qualified.

Imagine how thrilled your client will be to see their LinkedIn network grow by 15 – 30 new connections each day, resulting in 3-5 real business leads each and every week.

What would that do for their business?


  1. Send Out Winning Connection Invitations and Automated Follow-Up Messages

Our team crafts, individualized connection invitations that get accepted at higher rates than anyone else in the industry. We also have an automate follow-up messaging service to make sure that we give your client the best chance at making new connections.

We understand how people use LinkedIn, how busy everyone is, and what it takes to get someone to agree to make a connection.

Our “Done for You” approach is efficient and effective. We make your clients look sharp and professional. We make you the hero to your clients for delivering so many incredible leads each week.


  1. Monthly Campaign Improvements

We are always working on making our amazing service even better. Each month we will look at how your client’s account performed and based on that performance we will make adjustments to make the next month even better.

Each month your client will find that the “Done for You” LinkedIn Marketing service just keeps getting better and better.


  1. Dedicated Success Manager

Just like you, we want your client to succeed. That’s why we assign all of our Partners and clients a success manager. You have one point of contact if you or your client ever has an issue. The success manager makes sure all of your clients are enjoying the kind of success that keeps them coming back month after month.

If you, or your clients, ever have any questions you know exactly how to get fast and helpful answers—just contact your dedicated success manager.


Customers will need to have Sales Navigator activated in their LinkedIn Account for this service.

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