Email blast marketing puts your product in the inbox of all your potential customers. Learn the ins and outs of using drip campaigns to boost sales here!



Email blast marketing puts your product in the mailbox of all your potential customers. It’s among the most cost-effective online marketing tools, offering unbeatable ROI and amazing results.

In this guide we’ll show you how to make the most of Infusionsoft email software and integrate powerful drip campaigns to boost your sales!

What are Email Blasts and Drip Campaigns?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding these terms, and for many people email blasts equal spam. That’s so far from the truth that’s depressing, so let’s clear up the confusion.

An email blast is basically a single message delivered to multiple inboxes simultaneously. This can be anything, from a cosmetics company announcing a new product, to a SEO firm notifying customers about the latest trend, to a subscription company offering a time-limited offer.

Drip campaigns always refer to multiple emails sent to achieve a purpose. They are also known as automated emails, lifecycle emails or autoresponder campaigns, and as you have guessed, they rely on automation.

So, drip campaigns consist of multiple, automated blasts, all designed to lead the recipients of the emails into doing a specific action. This is usually the purchase of a certain product, but can be anything from reading relevant news to subscribing to a newsletter to taking part in a competition.

Email Blast Marketing Best Practices

Understandably, drip campaigns can veer into spam territory if not done right. In the early days of the internet, marketers abused mass emails to spam millions, forcing US lawmakers to pass the CAN-SPAM Act, a “law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.”

According to Infusionsoft, the developers of one of the most powerful email blast tools in existence, the best practices surrounding successful drip campaigns include:

1) Differentiation

Your emails must stand out in a good way. They must convey a clear message without tiring the reader or disrespecting their time and intelligence. If your firm does not use cohesive branding, you risk of being forgotten in obscurity.

2) Frequency

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the lower the frequency of communication, the higher engagement rates you can expect. There’s no golden rule when it comes to frequency, and you may have to conduct A/B split testing and surveys to find the sweet spot for your drip campaign.

3) Call to Action

It’s important to know what you’re asking your readers to do. What is this particular email trying to accomplish? Are you informing customers about a new feature, introducing them to a new product, or something else? A professional Infusionsoft developer will also help you with email content.

4) Links

Most email blasts will include one or more links, leading to funnel pages or product pages, depending on the aforementioned goals. Infusionsoft automated software keeps track of who opens your email blasts and who actually clicks a link to visit your website. This data is POWERFUL and can define your future blasts and overall email blast marketing strategy.

5) Tone and Style

Are you addressing stay-at-home moms, business executives or young gamers? You need to adjust the tone and style of your emails to your targeted demographics. Consistency and proficiency pay dividends here.

6) Brief Messaging

As Infusionsoft specialists point out, the briefer your message, the better your response rate. This becomes obvious when you consider how many people access email through their smartphones today. Give your message in a few short and impactful sentences.

7) Visuals

Pictures and videos can convey a powerful message and supercharge your email blasts! Use images sparingly, as they can inflate email size and people will delete your email unread if they are forced to wait to download bulky files. Infusionsoft developers measure file size carefully before launching an email blast.

8) Special Offers

Everyone loves getting special offers. Special offer emails are among the most powerful email blasts you can send. If you can offer coupons, time-limited offers, discounts, bonuses and free goodies, then do so!

9) Social Media

Email blasts are a prime way to increase your social media exposure as well. In fact, email campaigns can work synergistically with any other marketing campaign you might be running, including SEO and social media marketing. With social media, you also increase retention, as you will keep customers even after they unsubscribe from your email list.

10) Timing

When you send out an email blast will influence how many people will read it. Nobody knows the ‘perfect’ time to send an automated email, and you might need a lot of trials to get it just right.

Taking Infusionsoft to the Next Level

In order to launch a successful email blast marketing campaign, you need a solid marketing plan, as well as the technical know-how to use Infusionsoft as it’s supposed to be used.

Infusionsoft allows you to find all you need to know about your leads in one place and automate your marketing, freeing valuable time and resources. With its built-in campaign builder, you can define specific parameters to send personalized emails to every contact, trigger different emails based on contact behavior, and even build whole landing pages to lead your contacts through email links.

You can also monitor performance and adjust your campaigns accordingly. If a blast email campaign is underperforming, you can tweak it or delete it. Similarly, you can scale up your best campaigns to maximize results!

Your Infusionsoft specialist will analyze all the data from the automated email campaigns and check open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe rates to tell if a campaign is performing well or not. The specialist will also make sure no emails are marked as ‘spam’, which can diminish the effect of your email blasts.

The true power of Infusionsoft lies in automation and scalability. You can send thousands of personalized, automated emails that your contacts will find interesting with a few clicks. That is the true power of email blast marketing!


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